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Robotic platform treating varicose veins
without surgery

SonoVein S 


SONOVEIN® is the first and only robotic solution for the non-invasive echotherapy treatment of varicose veins:

  • No additional accessories (guide wires, puncture kits or catheters) needed.

  • Can be operated by a single person in a non-sterile environment.

  • No wake-up rooms or hospital beds.

  • No incisions, no scars.

  • Patients resume their normal daily activities immediately after.


How echotherapy works:

From a histological perspective, vein ablation by echotherapy with SONOVEIN and radiofrequency display identical features – with the significant benefit of echotherapy being completely non-invasive.

The high-intensity ultrasound beam (HIFU) is focused on the vein and a standard ultrasound beam controls the accuracy. As the thermal energy is delivered, the vein shrinks and is sealed closed, similar to other endothermal methods – but non-invasively.

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