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Our vision: make evomed the synonym of medical technological advances


Evomed was established in 2010 by experienced Biomedical Technology Engineers, with the aim of becoming a versatile import company, adapted to current conditions in the Greek market, and still offering the same, high-quality services and technological innovation.


Though the company was established in Kalamata, very soon, the quality of the services rendered and our will to discover and offer the most advanced technology, allowed us to set up offices in Athens, and develop a network of partners all around Greece and Cyprus. Some of our most important, current collaborations are with the “Aretaieio” Teaching Hospital of Athens, the “Alexandra” General Hospital of Athens, the Euroclinic of Athens, “Hippokration S.A”, “Iatropolis S.A.” and many more individual medical practitioners and private centres.

Our frequent presence in conferences and international exhibitions, lead several international houses to entrust us to be the exclusive dealers of their products. Ellipse-Denmark, one of the two top companies in the world, in the field of Laser, entrusted us to exclusively distribute its products in Greece and Cyprus. Our many, important partnerships make us one of the fastest growing medical equipment companies in Greece.

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Our aim: contribute to the development of biomedical technology  

by providing high-level technical and clinical support, and importing innovative technologies. Always committed to working hand-in-hand with medical practitioners, private centres and public organisations or hospitals, your best interest is our main focus.


Annual Contract for the maintenance of the Linear Accelerator


Our company is in charge of the annual maintenance of the Photon Linear Accelerator installed at the ‘Aretaieio” Teaching Hospital of Athens.


Our unequalled experience in the field of Radiotherapy and cancer therapy places us at the forefront of technologies requiring high-level know-how and specialisation.

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