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The optical monitoring solution for radiation therapy

Align RT advance


AlignRT is a system which tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to aid in setup and treatment accuracy. Using proprietary 3D stereo camera units, AlignRT tracks the skin surface, and compares it to the ideal position with submillimetric† accuracy. AlignRT can automatically signal for the treatment delivery system to pause radiation if the patient moves out of the desired position, and there is no need for tattoos or additional radiation.

AlignRT is safe and non-invasive, and can be used for a wide range of conditions including breast, brain, lung, liver, sarcoma, head and neck and other cancers. Published data show benefit for various groups including:

  • Left breast cancer patients: A new study suggests AlignRT helps to reduce radiation heart damage when used with Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH)

  • Brain cancer patients: Two studies suggest AlignRT can deliver the same clinical outcomes as more invasive procedures, with increased patient comfort and fast treatment times

37 of the 50 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” in the USA have Vision RT technology, and there are more than 700 systems installed around the world.


AlignRT: Defining the Standard of Care in Surface Guided Radiation Therapy

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