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ARTCURE® is the only product applied transdermally which ensures relieve on the pressure on the spinal line

ArtCure DP 

Combination of the words ART and CURE, ARTCURE® is a new system which will change the existing treatment protocols and do it deeply and naively without damaging, just like making art.

ARTCURE® is the only product applied transdermally which ensures relieve on the pressure on the spinal line by making the disc herniation smaller than the body mass thanks to its mechanical effect.

With its designated ARTCURE® carrier, ARTCURE® components reaching nucleus pulposus (herniated disc) ensure that the water inside the nucleus pulposus (which is approximately 80% in volume) is bulged out; therefore, mass of the herniated nucleus pulposus is significantly reduced. Once the nucleus pulposus becomes lighter, it makes less pressure on the nerve root and spine itself. This in return significantly relieves the patient’s pain.

Patients do not require presenting an MR to apply ARTCURE®. This requirement serves to establish the right indication as not all neck and lumbar pain may not be based on herniation. Following clinical recovery of the patients after the treatment, MR is asked to demonstrate the effect.

ARTCURE®, with its high rates of clinical achievement in very short time and low rates of adverse effects, is the most effective treatment support to the existing protocols.

Mechanism of Action

Artcure® Diffusional Patch is not a medicine. Its effects are mechanical. The system achieving such mechanical effect is the formed fatty molecules inside Artcure®.

Disc is a tissue without venous structure, so it does not nurtured by blood. Diffusion is what makes the disc remained nurtured. The inner portion is a gel-like substance. The outer ring is a controlled semi permeable structure. Permeability increases in the corrupted or ruptured disc section due to herniation, making penetration of the formed fatty molecules inside Artcure possible. Artcure® may not penetrate the healthy disc with an intact outer ring. Therefore, it only affects the herniated section.

With the penetration of formed fatty molecules with low concentration to the herniated section, osmotic pressure in the herniated disc section is reduced. Concentration and viscosity of the herniated disc section also decrease compared to the surrounding tissues. Liquid inside the herniated hyposmolar disc is dislocated towards the surrounding tissues with more hyposmolarity. Thus, mass of the herniated disk is reduced as well as its pressure on the nerve tissue. As a result, Artcure® is a non-invasive method that can be tried before surgical operations.


It is indicated in treatment of protruded, extruded, sequestrated, fragmented cervical, lumbar, thoracic disc herniation with median and/or paramedian location.

The reason of pain, discomfort, complaint must be the disc herniation. If the pain / discomfort is caused by an additional pathology such as foraminal stenosis, calcified disc, spinal narrow tract, instability.

When to use ARTCURE®

It is effective in clinically confirmed Cervical, Lumbar and Thoracic disc herniations with median and/or paramedian location.

(Protruded / extruded / sequestrated / Fragmented disc herniations)

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